Visitation of the Virgin

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

 Visitation of the Virgin to Elizabeth

Our Spiritual Journey gets more and more exciting as we make our way to the Holy Feast Day of Christmas.

On this 3rd Sunday of Announcement we celebrate and we remember the visit of the young Virgin Mary coming to the home of Her cousin Elizabeth. In this 3rd week of the Announcement we recall that Elizabeth is only 3 months away from delivering her son St. John, and Mary has come to be of help to her. Elizabeth is the older one and with child and Mary is the younger girl just beginning her time of pregnancy with Baby Jesus in Her Immaculate womb.

The exciting part is what happens as soon as Mary arrives at the home of Zechariah and Elizabeth. The two women greet each other and the voice of Mary makes St. John do a dance in his mother’s womb and then Elizabeth praises Mary for the gift of Her Holy Child. And so it is months before anyone ever sees the Baby Jesus and yet there is a true testimony given. It is Elizabeth who is first to make known who Mary is and what Her Infant Child is all about. And even after Mary receives such a wonderful message and acknowledgment, She continues to go about the duties to help her cousin in need. How amazing is this very special young woman that we learn so much about on the way to the Feast of Holy Christmas. How much we can honor Her in a worthy way and how much it would be good for us to imitate Her. This really is a spiritually exciting time.

A helpful reflection for this week is taken from the new Liturgy book for you to pray and ponder each day.

Alleluia! When Elizabeth received the Virgin’s greeting, filled with inspiration by the Holy Spirit, she cried aloud: “blest among all women, blest are you, Mother of my Lord. Truly blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.” The Eternal Word now dwells within you, Mary.


Alleluia! Give thanks to the Lord!