The Holy Name of Jesus – Part 3

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

Let’s consider one more reflection on the Holy Name of Jesus. This time I am looking at the final part of Litany to the Holy Name of Jesus where we ask the powerful Name of Jesus to deliver us through his entire life from the moment of His miraculous Incarnation all the way to the moment of His institution of the Most Holy Eucharist.

By His mighty power and His love we ask Jesus to help us to firmly believe all the mysteries He brings to us. On one of these acclamations we pray “Through Your most divine life, Jesus deliver us.”

Jesus always was and for us always will be both God and man. He truly is divine and human and we need to believe this all the time. What well blessed persons there were at the time when Jesus lived in our world and for all the generations after His going up into Heaven and until now who would firmly believe these truths about our Lord and even die for these truths Through the precious gift of faith we begin by professing our belief and in time our life grows in a very special way so that our actions match what we believe more and more. Something very good in us grows and glows.

The Holy Apostles are such great examples for us. At a certain moment Jesus comes into their lives. They are attracted to His voice, His words, His example and then they follow Him so closely that they give away their entire lives to Him and are changed once and for all.

We are learning that even our Holy Father Pope Francis did something very similar. As a young person he did all the usual things including having a girlfriend. One day he was passing a Church and felt a pull to go in. He went to the Tabernacle and there he prayed in silence. He could hear the Lord calling to him and after this all things changed and you see where he is today.

And so let us say very often to our Lord, ”Through Your most divine life, Jesus deliver us.” Help us to always believe and command us to follow YOU.

Another acclimation near the end of the Litany says “Through Your institution of the Most Holy Eucharist, Jesus deliver us.” We call out to the Lord for the firm faith to always believe in the greatest of all Mysteries, Jesus fully present, body, blood, soul, and divinity in our Holy Eucharist. We actually have some precious treasures of stories telling us of miracles of the Holy Eucharist. This great mystery of the host and the cup of wine changing totally into the Real Presence of Jesus by the Priest at Mass is a great mystery to know and believe. With the help of our Lord may we never doubt this truth. With the help of Jesus may we always believe in the Real Presence of Jesus by all our words, by all our actions when in His Presence and by all that we do to prepare to receive Him in a truly worthy way at the time of our Holy Communion at the Mass. Let us say again and again this worthy acclimation, “Through Your institution of the Most Holy Eucharist, Jesus deliver us.”