The Holy Name of Jesus – Part 2

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

The Holy Name of Jesus is on our mind these days. May His Holy Name always be in our mind, on our lips and in our hearts day and night. 

I would like to continue a reflection on the Holy Name of Jesus by taking some of the beautiful titles provided for us in the Litany to Him. This time let’s think about the title of Jesus most powerful and Jesus most obedient.

We learn the most about the Power of Jesus from the Gospel accounts and the many stories given that are very familiar to us. We can recall the very first miracle given in the Gospel of St. John when His Mother looks to Him to solve the terrible problem of the hosts of the wedding who are running out of wine. He does not ask for grapes and all that may be needed to provide wine, He simply has waiters put water into the large jugs and in a moment, not the usual long span of time needed for grapes to ferment, remember there are no grapes here, the water is changed and the wine is the best.

This Jesus really shows His mighty power by all that He endured at His Sacred Passion and Crucifixion. From the time His terrible ordeal began up until the moment He gets ready for the actual nailing to the Cross He loses so much blood, yet He does not even faint. Then when He becomes nailed to the Cross He still continues His good and merciful work until all His life goes out of Him. Who could ever measure the degree of power Jesus had or the amount of love He has for His Father in Heaven and for all of us here on earth. Truly Jesus is the most powerful one of all. Also He is most powerful because only He could carry all the heavy weight of the sins of the world for all of time. This is powerful.

And then we can think of Jesus most obedient. How is it that this most powerful one does this thing of obeying His Heavenly Father and His Holy Family, and the Laws of His day. Do you think it is possible that Jesus wants to give you and me a lesson that is most important to us and this is why He does this thing of obeying. We think of His years of growing up with His Mom and Dad and listening to their directions. How much He obeyed St. Joseph in the wood shop as He learned to handle the primitive tools to make the little projects so well for their customers. He knew the Laws God gave for His people at that time and He faithfully obeyed all of them. It is not possible to think of Jesus ever saying something like, that rule is so silly to me I am not doing that. If God wanted it, then Jesus did it, with loving obedience. He was so dedicated to His love for the Father that when He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane He asked that the cup of death by taken away. He did not shout and demand and insist that He would not die on the Cross. He said everything so well for us to hear it, He said, “Let your will be done. “ This powerful Jesus obeyed. To disobey brings too much suffering and we know what this is like. To obey brings a lot of good and it brings something Holy.

Thank you Jesus for showing us your power, and for teaching us your obedience. Help us to follow you and always do what you did.