The Holy Name of Jesus – Part 1

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

The greatest name, the most powerful name the most loving name in all creation is the name of Jesus.

Let’s think and talk about His Holy Name in these few weeks.

On the feast day of the Holy Name of Jesus, which we celebrated in our Maronite Catholic Church on January 1, which was the 8th day after the birth of Jesus when St. Joseph took the glorious privilege and gave Him this name which was made known to Mary at the very moment of His conception, we prayed a beautiful Litany called the Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. What beautiful titles are given to our Lord and what deep meaning each one has.

It seems to me that for every person who is a Catholic Christian, this powerful and most loving name must be so precious to us that it is always in our heart and prayerfully spoken with our lips while we reverently bow our heads at the same time. Saying the name of Jesus is not like saying the name of anyone else in all the world.

So for the next few weeks I would like to choose a few of these titles of our Lord from this Litany and reflect on them. May we grow deeply in our relationship with Jesus and may our love and knowledge for Him increase.

Near the beginning of the Litany we acknowledge the greatest truth and the greatest mystery about Jesus. The first two titles for Jesus says this;

Jesus Son of the Living God, resp. Have mercy on us.

Jesus splendor of the Father, resp. Have mercy on us.

This Holy One Jesus, He always was and always will be. He truly belongs to the Most Holy Trinity which means that He was present at the moment of creation. Jesus was present at the moment the world and all life come into being by the Creator’s will and command so that the Eternal Son could become a man and allow us to see and know God as much as possible while we live here in this life. The more we would come to know Him, follow Him and love Him the more we will glorify Him in the Eternal Kingdom. According to the record so many others have done this, so let us take our turn at this time.

As the splendor of the Father He did all He did the same way that the Father would do. He would speak perfectly, obey His earthly and Heavenly Father perfectly, heal perfectly, teach perfectly, die perfectly and rise to live forever perfectly.

There truly is no one, no name greater than the Holy Name of Jesus. Say His name with much love and reverence and keep His Holy Name in your heart.