The Feast of St. Maron

Let us rejoice in the Lord for our Holy Father St. Maron.

In these days we join with our Patriarch Bechara Peter Rai and the entire family of St. Maron throughout the world in this annual celebration of the feast of St. Maron in these days. A very special way for us to honor

St. Maron’s Feast Day in this part of the world is to share it with all our friends and neighbors and to help them too to know about the holy and beautiful life of our Patron who lived so close to the Holy Land and so close to the time of the Apostles of our Lord. His holy life inspired so many people to love Jesus and all His teachings and to follow Him in the region of Antioch that a Church grew up with his name attached to it.

Thanks to the holy life of St. Maron our heritage is truly beautiful in every way and it is rich in such great things like sanctity, sacrifices, martyrdom, deep prayer, a love for God’s Holy Word and the Virgin Mary and a faithfulness to the successor of the first Apostle St. Peter. Our Catholic life in the Maronite Church is a treasure for us and for everyone who would like to share in it with us. It is a good time for us to have a worthy celebration and it is the best time to invite everyone to join in with us.

For the Feast of St. Maron I found these words in the Sedro Prayer for the Morning Divine Office which gives all of us a worthy meaning for this special day and for all the good we gain as we follow the example of our Patron Saint.

O St. Maron, through your intercession may we celebrate your glorious memory in joy. May we have your spirit as we live out the Gospel Beatitudes, and may we uphold the name of faith you have bequeathed to us, until we come to God, the dwelling of all the saints. With you we praise Him, forever. Amen