Sunday of Priests

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

We have a kind of Spiritual jackpot today. We have 3 wonderful celebrations this Sunday. Thank you Lord.

#1. Today is the actual Feast of St. Maron. This is truly a glorious feast day for us and for all the Catholic Church because this holy man St. Maron, who had a heart so filled with a love for God and the desire to be with him in this world was so great, that he willingly set aside all the things of the world and went away with nothing to a secluded place where he encountered his only love and taught many others to do the same. St. Maron please be an abbot to me and help me to look for our God and find Him while we are still living in this world. Help us to learn your lesson that to have God is to possess everything.

#2. Today is officially the Sunday of the Priests, or also called the Sunday of the Deceased Priests. On this particular Sunday we take the opportunity to remember all our Deceased Priests who we can remember and we include our prayers for all the Deceased Priests who have no one to pray for them. We need to pray for all priests including those who are still working in the vineyard throughout the world. It is a great act of charity to support all Priests by our prayers and little sacrifices. We also include the souls of Priests, Deacons and Bishops who died and may still be in Purgatory. The Bishops and Priests who served the church and died have no families of their own to remember them and so we want to do this today and all week long. Lovingly think about the Priests that gave you the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Confession, Marriage and the Last Anointing. Think of the good Priests who blessed you, consoled you in your time of need and guided you into a good direction. Priests pray a lot for so many in their life time, it is a good thing for everyone to pray for them while they are alive and after they passed away.

#3. This celebration gives us our alert signal that Holy Lent is coming in just 3 weeks. As we think of the departed let us thing of the good we can do in the time of Lent that can truly help us in our faith journey in this life and help us to be well prepared for the coming of our eternal life. Begin to think of a plan of how you wish this Holy Lent to be for you.

Today our Church gives us a lot of spiritual gifts for our great good and so let’s take all we can get and grow in a good direction toward our Lord.