Stations of the Cross

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

Passion Plays and the Stations of the Cross.   How very good it is to go to a Passion Play or a good movie production of the Lord’s Sacred Passion. How very good it is to pray the Stations of the Cross with others or by yourself.

According to several reports, individuals who played the parts of the many characters who reenacted in the Passion of Jesus had their lives deeply affected by their parts. Many spectators to these performances also have been blessed and have come closer to Jesus in their life and they increased the love for Him. For sure there can be very good emotional and faith experiences through these well done productions.

Making the Stations of the Cross may do the same. Many persons can also have truly deep faith experience from this devotion and their emotions also can be touched in a beautiful way. One of the better things about making the Stations of the Cross is that we actually make an Act of Love for the One who endured the Passion for us. He did some great thing for us and this devotion allows us to do something special out of gratitude for Him.

The devotion of the Stations of the Cross are all about our powerful and loving Lord Jesus Who took on the great act of suffering and finally dying for us. There is no greater act of generosity by any other person than this One. He did not do this great thing only because He was made to do it. He did it to obey His Father Who loves us beyond any measure and the same is true for Jesus Our Lord and His love for us.

And so there is, I think, something much more to the devotion of praying the Stations of the Cross than watching a production of the Passion. We take this special opportunity to express back to our Lord our love for Him and our simple gratitude to Him for His tremendous sacrifice for us by praying this devotion. When we pray the Stations of the Cross we are reminded that the Lord’s Passion comes to Him because of me and because of my many sins. We need to do this devotion often.

Think about it, make Friday night something important in your week and come to church for the devotions of the Stations of the Cross and for the Benediction with the Holy Cross which concludes with our coming forward to reverence Jesus on the Cross with our kiss of gratitude.

Guess what? The Devotion of the Stations of the Cross can be prayed on any Friday of the year and even every day of the week if we wish to do that. In any way we do this let us pray from the very depths of our heart to express to Jesus our Lord our total gratitude for the gift of our eternal life from His great sacrifice and death on the Holy Cross for me and for all of us.

We adore you O Christ and we bless you. Because

by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.