St. Sharbel

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

St. Sharbel is well known as a holy Saint, and he is well known as a powerful intercessor. Hundreds of extraordinary miracles from all over the world are on record at his home Monastery in Lebanon.

He was born on May 8, 1828 in the village of Biqa-Kafra. His family was poor and he was the youngest of 5 children. His baptism name was Joseph Makhlouf.

He was ordained a Priest on July 23, 1859. In 1875, only 16 years after his ordination he entered the life of solitude at the hermitage of Sts. Peter & Paul about one mile from the Monastery. His life here was very simple and very penitential. Here he grew in a deep love for the Blessed Sacrament and for our Blessed Mother. Each day he offered the Divine Liturgy which took some time for him and then afterwards remained in his thanksgiving for up to 2 hours. He thanked God for his life in the Priesthood and he thanked his Lord for being allowed to celebrate the Sacred Mysteries each day.

On December 16, 1898 while celebrating the Divine Liturgy he suffered a stroke during the prayer “Father of Truth.” He finally went home to the Lord on Christmas Eve, on December 24, 1898 at the age of 70.

His remains were placed in its grave and for 45 nights the people of the area could see a glow of light at his grave. The monks finally dug the grave and there they found his body intact, his flesh was still soft and warm. A most unusual sight was to see the fluids that kept coming out from his body day and night. St. Sharbel was a miracle himself.

He was canonized a Saint by Pope Paul VI in Rome on October 9, 1977. Since that time he has been a truly powerful intercessor for Christians and non-Christians from all parts of the world.

It is a most worthy thing for us to come together this Wednesday to celebrate this Saint’s Feast Day and to pray to him for all of our own intentions and to ask for his powerful help for all the suffering in Syria, in Lebanon and all over the Middle East. So much prayer is needed at this time and he is a helpful intercessor for all of us.

Eternal God, You adorned St. Sharbel with a crown of glory and preserved his body as a pledge of the resurrection.
Glorious Trinity, You gave St. Sharbel to the Church as a model of prayer and solitude.