Spiritual Journey to Christmas

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

Making our spiritual journey to Christmas.

These truly are powerful and spiritual weeks for us as we lovingly hear once again such long awaited announcements telling us of our God coming to us as an infant child. It really is powerful how the God of the universe would choose to become so little that He would place Himself inside a young pure virgin girl for 9 months so He could be born like one of us. In the creation story we are told how God made all creation in days but he took those 9 months to be born. How humble, how powerful is our loving God to us.

Our journey to Christmas is truly spiritual as we pay very close attention to the glorious announcement by God’s mighty Archangel Gabriel that the Virgin Mary is to become the first vessel to contain and carry for us our God and Savior in Her pure and immaculate womb. Is there any privilege any greater than that?


During this time of our journey to the Feast of Christmas we need to be attentive to these miraculous announcements not only to recall the past and what all happened back then but we should also keep in mind the unchanging promise our Lord made that He would come back again and we need to always be ready for that. Our spiritual preparation for Christmas could be so very helpful to us to prepare for the Lord’s final return.


Slow down when possible and pray and reflect on what really is going on in these days of our spiritual journey. Try to pray and reflect on the stanza from the hymn taken from the Liturgy for the Announcement to Mary.


That most awesome Mystery, hidden from the ages past,


awaited by prophets, and by kings, and by priests,


is to angels shown in flesh, and throughout the world proclaimed,


so nations would all believe. Praise God, now revealed!


The humble and pure Virgin Mary was so key to the plan of God and His coming the first time how certain we could be that She has much to do in God’s plan for His return.