Signs of the Holy Spirit Part 2

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

Soon we will be celebrating the wonderful Feast Day of Pentecost, the great celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles in the upper Room. In anticipation of this great Feast Day let us continue to consider the blessings we call the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit makes His anointing upon you and me then all the good things come.

Let’s consider the fruits of Joy and Peace. Remember we spoke the last time about the fruit of love which brings us more and more, good fruit like joy and peace. When we love just for its sake we become filled with Joy and that is a Joy that cannot be taken away. After this Fruit of Joy we are filled with Peace. A truly great blessing for the soul is the Fruit of Peace.

What about considering the man who is called the First Apostle, his name is Peter. He was anointed by God’s Holy Spirit which filled him with a true love for His Lord. When the time came for his execution, when he had to endure much suffering in the face of his death he does not lose his joy or his peace. The newest Pope Saint John Paul II has an entire life of serious hardships. He suffers, he cries, at times it is not easy for sure. But because of the Holy Spirit his love for his Lord is solid and so joy and peace stay with him until he takes his very last breath in this life. Talk about being blessed with the good things from the Holy Spirit.

And so we call to our Lord and we prepare ourselves by praying each day for the Holy Spirit to come and anoint us once again. Let us want these Holy Fruits so that our love for Him is always strong and never wavers, and that the Fruits of Joy and Peace remains with us all the time both when all is good and not so good.