Revelation to St. Joseph

Beloved Parish Family in Christ Jesus Our Lord,

What a beautiful journey we are making in these weeks of Holy Announcement on our way to Christmas Day.

Today we arrive at the 5th week of Announcement which is in honor of the Revelation to St. Joseph. The Gospel reading today, taken from the Apostle St. Matthew, tells us of how St. Joseph comes to know about his spouse, Mary being with child. On his own he knows that Mary made a journey to the home of Zachariah and Elizabeth to assist with the birth of the infant St. John the Baptist. He knows that he is betrothed to the Virgin Spouse, Mary and that they did not come together. He knows that Mary has an unusual vow of virginity to God, but upon Her return he can see Her pregnancy. In his normal thoughts he realizes that something happened to her and he must protect her and even depart from her because the baby inside her womb is not his child.

The same angel who came to Mary, the Archangel Gabriel, came to St. Joseph in his dream to make it known to him who is the one who brought about this miraculous happening. The Baby is in Mary because of the work of the Holy Spirit. What excitement this brings to everyone. All during this season of Announcement I wait for this particular announcement. I love to pray and chant the prayers of today’s holy Announcement to St. Joseph. What great comfort and peace comes when knowing that God plans and works everything well and for so much good for everyone.

A prayer reflection for this week comes from the Prayer of Forgiveness. It is a good prayer for reflection every day during this week as we come so close to Christmas. Happy 5th week of Announcement.

 Glory be to You, O Christ our God, You chose the most blessed among women to be Your Mother, and in a dream You revealed the mystery of Your conception to righteous Joseph to whom she was betrothed, filling him with peace. 

Today we celebrate the feast of Your divine revelation:

The divine revelation that Joseph received dispelling His fear:

The divine revelation that filled all believers with joy.

The divine revelation that removed every doubt from Joseph regarding the Purest of Virgins.