Religious Education

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Lord,

I have a big wish. I wish I could convince all our members about the importance of Religious Education for everyone. I wish that in all our families, children and their parents would want to keep knowing more and more about our Catholic religion. Every day we can learn so much more about Jesus and Mary. We can learn and grow in faith about the Holy Trinity, about our Sacraments, about what is right and wrong in God’s eyes.

There is no question about the fact that all of us must do all that we need to do to teach our children the Catechism. However in our times we actually need to teach all the adults. We need to help them to take seriously the duty as Catholic adults to keep learning the faith.

With regards to our children, take this idea and ponder it for a little bit. For how long could you keep your children out of going to school before getting into trouble with the law? To fail to enroll your children in a school and then to not see to it that they go to the classes is a violation big time. To not do these things puts parents in trouble with the law.

Everyone realizes how important the academics are for everyone. Learning and studying does much to improve the life of a person and even the entire society. For so many parents, starting to learn is never too young for their children. Before our children step on to the school bus for the first time, Mom and Dad have been repeating things like the colors, the shapes, numbers, the A,BC’s etc.

It is an easy thing to look at studies that report various areas of the nations and parts of the world where education of children is poor and at the same time there are so many other problems and troubles along with it for everyone. Going to school is important and all agree to this.

So what about our religious studies? If we cannot keep our children out of school why do we think it is ok to keep them away from Religion Classes which are only one hour per week. If academic studies are so good to build up a person and a society, do you not think that this can be even more when children and adults balance everything with both studies. Some of the greatest minds in history in all the world were good academic students and good and serious about the study of the faith. To study history along with Christian History has a more accurate account of every age. To study literature along with a good experience with the Sacred Scriptures is something powerful. Studying the sciences with a faith background leads to the greatest insights.

I wish I could be convincing that along with academic studies, the study of our faith is very, very, very important. So why should anyone agree to excuse the children from attending Religion classes at Our Lady of the Cedars Church.
If I could only be convincing, I know your children, our children, would benefit a lot.