Preparing for Pentecost

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

Get ready for Pentecost.

The Holy Feast Day of Pentecost is on Sunday, June 8. On this feast day we can do two good things.

FIRST- We will remember what happened to the Apostles and the Blessed Mother when they were gathered in the Upper Room. It was there that the Holy Spirit came upon them and at that moment the Catholic Church was born. We remember that they came into this Upper Room after the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven and they began to prepare themselves for the next 9 days for the coming of the Holy Spirit just as Jesus told them.

Second – We also can celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on us at the time of our Confirmation. We could actually pray in a special way for God’s Holy Spirit to come and anoint us again and again so we can be good and faith filled desciples of Jesus in our time just as the Holy Apostles were in their time.
We learn so well how the Apostles were anointed By God’s Holy Spirit and they were totally changed and became as new persons with a new life. They were really so different in a good way, even the citizens around them could see it so clearly. Boy oh boy do we need this experience right now. And I do mean immediately.

So let us try to follow the good example of the Apostles. Let’s do a spiritual preparation beginning on Ascension Thursday which is on Thursday, May 29 and pray each day until Pentecost Sunday. Let’s ask God to grant us His Anointing and let us become true disciples for our Lord for our own good and for the good of our time.
The Holy Spirit, and only the Holy Spirit can do for us what we need such as make us become detached from all the things of the earth. The great results that comes from the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity is the consolation of freedom. When the heart is free of affections for the earthly things, heavenly love triumphantly enters.

In these next few weeks leading up to the Feast of Pentecost, which is the 50th day after the Resurrection of Jesus, I would like to consider with you a lesson about the Holy Spirit called the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
Let’s do our best to get ready for the Holy Feast Day of Pentecost which is on Sunday, June 8.