One of the greatest Masses

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

One of the greatest Masses of the Year.

One of the truly greatest, most spiritual, most beautiful, most well attended Mass in the year is on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Everyone looks forward to going to Church on this great feast day of the Lord.

This great Mass can become all the more meaningful for everyone when we participate in the 6 Masses that lead us up to the Feast of Christmas Day. It is good to want to go to the Christmas Mass, it is even better to love to go to the Christmas Mass because of how very special this feast day is to the entire world. The story of the miracle of the birth of Baby Jesus becomes a lot more meaningful as we actually celebrate the many amazing events that come to us week by week beginning with the very first Sunday of the Announcements this week. At the Mass this Sunday we are told about the visit of an Angel coming from heaven to the Temple where the man Zechariah is praying to tell him that he and his elderly wife will conceive a child who will be a boy and he is to be given the name John. What an amazing and powerful thing God will do, choose a couple at the age that is past the child bearing time and finally permit them to conceive. Even more than that, this child of theirs will be of special service to the plan of God.

As we carefully and prayerfully follow our God preparing for the mysterious and holy moment of the birth of His Son, let us do the same. It would be a good thing for you and me to think more about God in these special days and to think a lot about what He did and in a spiritual way prepare ourselves, our homes and our families. Let us try to catch the idea that God has done so much for us and so we could do as much as we can for Him because it is a feast day of our Lord.


To help us with good and holy thoughts leading us up to the feast of Christmas consider the following prayer as a daily prayer. This short prayer is taken out of the new Liturgy book for the first Sunday of Announcement, the Announcement to Zachariah.


That most awesome Mystery, hidden from the ages past, awaited by prophets, and by kings and by priests, is to angels shown in flesh, and throughout the world proclaimed, so nations would all believe.

Praise God, now revealed!


Please use his prayer for your daily prayer during this first week of Holy Announcement. May God bless your time of preparation for Christmas.