Novena to St. Theresa

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Lord,

What is a Novena?

A novena is nine days of public or private prayers for some special occasion or for a special intention.

Each year I wish to honor my devotion to a great patron Saint, Saint Theresa the Little Flower of the Infant Jesus who has answered many, many prayer for me ever since my childhood.

Her feast day is on October 1 and so I scheduled nine days of prayer in her honor beginning on Tuesday, September 23. The greatest favor St. Theresa granted to me is my vocation to the Holy Priesthood and so ever since my ordination of 38 years, I lovingly made it my little gift to celebrate this novena and feast day every year in thanksgiving.

In the autobiography of the Little Flower she speaks of always wanting to have a brother who would grow up to be a priest. I always pray that she would let me be, kind of her brother.

It is not always so easy to make a nine day novena because of the great demands on our schedules. So we do the best we can. But at the same time whenever the nine days come to an end so many devotees will speak of how much they do not want this time to end. The nine days are very rewarding in a deep way. It seems to me that the great love St. Theresa had for her Lord enters the hearts of those who make the novena and this makes everyone not want the days of prayer to come to an end.

Please know that the making of a nine day novena is not coming to church to make a bargain with the Lord or to buy His favors, however it happens that so many people with extraordinary needs come to pray and they come to ask God to help them. And it happens so often that He does answer their prayers even through the intercession of His many Holy Ones like St. Theresa.

There are countless miracle stories of individuals who sought help for problems from all the human experts and when the final word was that nothing could be done, these persons, with faith, turn to the Lord and through the help of a patron saint the graces finally came to them.

I want to welcome everyone to make the Nine Day Novena to St. Theresa. There sure is a lot to pray for at this time. If you cannot make all the days, please come for as many days as you are able.