New Sunday

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

Christ is Risen. Indeed HE IS RISEN.

With much joy today we come to celebrate 4 amazing feasts on this first Sunday after Easter.

1. New Sunday.
2. Healing of doubting Thomas.
3. Mercy Sunday.
4. Canonization of two Pope Saints.

Today is the Feast of New Sunday. Today on the 8th day after the celebration of Easter we rejoice that the victory over death has been won by our mighty Lord Jesus Christ who died and rose again. St. Paul says “O death where is your victory?” O death where is your sting?” We rejoice because we learn that all the Apostles have seen the Risen Lord, the One who conquered death by His death and resurrection.

Also on this 8th day we remember the miracle of the Apostle St. Thomas who doubted that Jesus was raised from the grave. Jesus came to him and invited him to examine with his fingers the wounds of Jesus’ hands and His side. He then believed and would go out to become the great Apostle to the faithful in India and the Far East.

Also this is the Sunday we honor the great Feast Day of Divine Mercy because a special chosen Apostle of Mercy, Saint Faustina Kowalska, received messages from Our Lord about His gift of Mercy. Her mission was to have the image of Jesus of Divine Mercy painted following His directions, which we are blessed to have a copy of this image in our Sanctuary, she was to promote the complete message of His Mercy, and convince the Church to establish this Feast Day on the Sunday following the feast of Easter.

Also we look to the Eternal City of Rome today to hear our Holy Father Pope Francis declare the elevation of his predecessors Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II to Sainthood. These two great Shepherds who served the Church in our life time are now truly close to the throne of God in Heaven and they can be for all of us special and great intercessors for our time. At one time we could talk to them here in our world. Now we can pray to them for all our needs in heaven.

And so let us all rejoice today and be glad for our celebrations are truly great ones for us and for all our world. I pray all good things will come.