New Liturgical Year

Beloved Parish Family in Christ Jesus Our Lord,

What will the New Liturgical Year be like for you?

Think about this and consider a helpful plan to allow your faith life to grow more and more this coming New Year.

With all my heart I pray that our Parish Family will do all good things each day of the New Liturgical Year to help increase in the virtues of your faith, your hope and your love in Jesus Our Lord and increase your loyalty and attachment to your Parish. The more we can grow in our faith the more our Parish will grow and the other way around.

In Our Maronite Church we have a truly beautiful and helpful way to begin this New Year. Our Church makes it very helpful for us to have a good start into the New Liturgical Year with two feast days dedicated to the Church. The very first Sunday is called Consecration of the Church Sunday and the Sunday after that is called Renewal of the Church Sunday.

The New Liturgical Year starts us off with an image of the Church as the Bride of our Lord. This means the Church is not only a Church Building. The Church Building is actually something living, and we are a special part of this living bride. This Bride is especially known as the Pure Bride, and Jesus is the Groom. If we then have something to do with this living Bride, the Church and its character of purity we need to do all the right things to make it always be this way, the pure Bride of Jesus Our Lord.

Everyone who wants to be a member of the Church has to be Baptized. At the baptism the water is poured on the candidate to wash away all sin and made him or her pure. At the end a white garment is put on to show the purity of the soul and the person. The intention for each one Baptized is to keep their soul and their very life in purity. The Soul benefits and so does the Church, Christ’s Bride.

Another important lesson we learn about the Church is that the Church building has its place of importance because this is the place where the members who make up the Pure Bride gather regularly for all the major spiritual events in our lives. We receive here our Sacraments and blessings and our spiritual life here. Our Church building is a very important place in our life and we need to value it in a holy way.

The Sunday of the Renewal of the Church invites all its members and all its leaders to do all we need to do to renew the life of our Baptism, to recommit our lives to the life of Jesus just as we did when we were Baptized. We constantly have to renew ourselves especially if we have wondered away or become a weak member. Try to do a personal inventory and try to see our own weaknesses and see where we need to renew ourselves.

Some things all of us could ask ourselves for the sake of a personal renewal may be, do I really listen to the Scriptures at Mass? If not how do I change this bad habit? Do I try to put the lessons our Lord gives us into practice? Do I take these things seriously enough? What do I do about my commitment to the Spiritual Life? Do I consider making it to confession on a regular basis? What about my faithful attendance at Mass each Sunday? Do I come to Holy Communion Properly prepared? What do I need to do about this? Am I a good example to the other members of my family when it comes to my duties to the Lord and to the Church? Can I do more to be of help to our Parish of Our Lady of The Cedars of Mt. Lebanon? A new Liturgical Year is about to begin, can we do something new for ourselves this year?