Mother’s Day

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

May God bless all our Mom’s today on this Mother’s Day and every day.

Today with much love I wish to honor and remember all our Mom’s both those who are living and those who are deceased. I especially want to include the intentions of my own beloved Mom.

What a great privilege it is for me as a Priest to be able to offer my Holy Mass and remember my Mom from the time she was living until now that she has passed away. I can tell you that every day when I begin my prayers I begin by first remembering my parents.

For this Mother’s Day I am moved to pay a very special tribute to our Heavenly Mother. Just imagine we all have our very own Mom and at the same time the Blessed Virgin Mary is Mother to you and me. Mary really is our Mother and She is most worthy of our honor and our affection in a special way.

My tribute today is to share a poem called Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue that was made very popular by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, soon to be declared a Saint.

With much love to all our Mom’s for this Mother’s Day. With much love from all of us to Jesus’ Mom and our Heavenly and Holy Mom.