Maronite Catholic Church

The Maronite Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Cedars of Mt. Lebanon is fully part of the Universal and Apostolic Catholic Church.

Are the Maronites Catholic?

Yes, they are. They share the same Catholic Faith, they are in full communion with Rome; they partake of the same Eucharist, and receive the same Seven Sacraments. They have their own Hierarchy headed by a patriarch, who resides in Lebanon, the mother Land of Maronites, and leads the Church with a Synod of Bishops. At all Sunday and daily Masses we pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis who is the Chief Shepherd of all Catholics in the entire world. We also pray for our Patriarch, His Beatitude Moran Mor Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, our Bishop, His Excellency Bishop Abdallah Elias Zaidan . The Chancery Office or our Diocese is located in St. Louis, Missouri. An important note to keep in mind, all Christians and some Traditional Catholics who do not recognize the Successor of the Apostle Peter will not mention the current name of the Pope in their Mass or any other service. In this particular Eastern Rite of the Holy Catholic Church, in all our history we have always included the name of the Pope of Rome before mentioning the name of our own Patriarch. Please take note that the portraits of the Hierarchy in the lobby of our Church, is a testimony that this Church of our Lady of the Cedars of Mt. Lebanon and our Maronite Diocese is fully Catholic.

Who are the Maronites?

Maronites are members of an Eastern Catholic Church who practice the Catholic Faith in the Western Syriac Antiochene Tradition, a Tradition that is as ancient as Christianity itself.

Where does the name “Maronite” come from?

The Maronite Church takes its name from St. Maron, a Syrian hermit who lived in the 4th Century. His life of prayer, solitude, holiness, along with his ability to heal physical and spiritual illnesses inspired many followers.