Liturgical Year

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Lord,

Another Liturgical Year is coming to an end soon. It was a good Liturgical Year especially because of our newly appointed Bishop’s first Pastoral Visit with us. What a blessing this was. We were blessed to have a first visit of the miraculous Chalice of Saint Padre Pio and it too was a blessing to many. I love recalling the spiritual celebration we had here with the Children who received their First Holy Communion and the 4 Infants who were brought here for their Baptism. I can think of the many wonderful blessing that came from the feast days we celebrated and from the different religious Devotions and the Novenas we prayed this past liturgical year. One other outstanding blessing was the visit of Abbot Clement who lead a bible study for us this past Lent.

I do pray that each Parishioner was able to open your heart and you were moved closer to God. I pray our youth, our good parents and everyone experienced a good move closer to our Lord compared to the year before. I pray that your love for your Catholic Faith is growing deeper each Liturgical Year. God gives us this time, we need to use it the best we can out of our love and gratitude to Him. Also growing spiritually is one of the most rewarding things for all of us.

In just 2 more weeks we will end the Liturgical Year for 2013-2014. How did it go for you spiritually? I hope you could consider this question. Try to think about this part of your life. Something we need to appreciate, it seems to me, is how fast the time does go by in our secular world and in our world of faith. One concern that needs to be taken to heart more and more is that we do not have time to waste. We really need to get into the rhythm of what our Church provides for us each week and each season of the Liturgical Year and take part in it the best we can for the benefit and good of our soul and for the up building of our Holy Catholic Church.

I pray this Liturgical Year brought you all good blessings.