Jesus as a child

Beloved Parish Family in Christ Jesus Our Lord,


Let’s think about Jesus as a child.

We can think about the time it took Him to learn to talk and say words. We can think of the friends and relatives who came to visit with the Holy Family in their little home in Nazareth and would talk to the young Jesus. But most of all it would be a good thing to think about Jesus being taught by Joseph and Mary of the so many necessary things he needed to learn as a young boy.

We must imagine that His Mother Mary took lots of care to teach Him how to say words and to teach Him to pray. We could imagine that Mary knew by heart the Psalms and how She shared them with Her Son Jesus as soon as possible. I’m sure He loved these prayers and I wonder if He had a favorite one or two. Maybe the Holy Family prayed Psalm 84 on their journeys to the Temple in the Holy City of Jerusalem, ”How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place O Lord of Hosts.


The parents of Jesus prayed and they gave the time to teach Jesus to pray so He could pray.


Last Sunday I made my visit to all the religion classes. I enjoy these visits very much. I always love coming to class with the very young children. It is a beautiful thing to see how they are at the beginning of learning the faith. It is wonderful to see their responses. Last week I came in when they were learning the prayers. This lesson is an important one and the children are never too young to be learning these. Some of the children are at the very beginning stage with their prayers that is they need help to get through them. Some children say the prayer with lots of enthusiasm. So I made a suggesting and a little challenge to them.

I am suggesting to all our young children in our Religious Ed Program to learn to memorize the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, by Christmas so that this could be their Christmas gift to the Baby Jesus. We have just a few classes from now until then so I want to encourage the parents to help the Children each day to learn their prayers by Christmas. A great benefit to teaching Children these prayers well at such a young age is that they will never forget them.


Mary and Joseph taught the Child Jesus prayers and many other valuable things. A good example for all of us to follow.