Holy Week

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

Make Holy Week a real Holy Week.

Try to make this one your best Holy Week ever.

Make a plan to be present for prayer on each day of Holy Week. Do your best. I assure you the more you participate in Holy Week the happier you will be. The more you are able to attend the special services in Church and actually put aside some of the unnecessary activities the more glorious Easter will be for you. Try.

The holy days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all about praying each evening. During the day you can do any special things you wish to do for our Lord and for your spiritual growth. The evening prayer on Wednesday is a special prayer because here I bless oil which becomes a wonderful sacramental to be used to bless you that evening and any time I make a visit to those who are ill. At this evening prayer everyone present is welcome to receive a blessing with the Holy Oil for any physical healing, for any spiritual healing and for emotional healing. This healing blessing is really powerful and good, and it is so good to feel good again. Another good part of healing is the great Sacrament of Confession. Try this one also. What a great week it is to have a Holy Week.

On Holy Thursday we enter into the most solemn way of remembering our Lord gathered with His Twelve Apostles in the Upper Room for the First Mass, the changing of the Passover bread and wine in to Holy Communion, that is into His Body and Blood and also the consecration of the first Bishops who begin the Catholic Church. This day in Holy Week is a powerful and truly special day for all of us.

Then on Great Friday we have two church services, the first day of the Novena of Divine Mercy, and time for you to make your own personal visit with the Lord. Check out the schedule for the schedule of this holy day of Great Friday.

This year we will not have any food served after the service of the Burial of Our Lord in the Tomb. It is most appropriate that we all complete our prayer and our final chant then leave in total silence. All those present including our children should stay in a silent prayer and go out the doors in silence in honor of the death of our Lord Jesus.

May I please encourage you to try to honor Great Friday by your full participation for as much of this day that is possible for you. Try to have a day off from school and work and keep a focus on our Lord. What an exceptional and great day Great Friday is for us Catholic Christians. Try to allow the time at Church to fill the day for everyone.

I assure you one more time that the more you can observe Holy Week the more glorious will be your celebration of Easter. Holy Week, it’s a great thing.