Feast of Saint Joseph

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

Honoring the Feast of St. Joseph

on Wednesday, March 19.

We never say enough about this truly great man in world history.

Could any person have any greater privilege than this one who was among the very first to see the Infant Baby Jesus and then hold him in his strong arms. He was among the very first to love The God made Man by an embrace and by the tender kisses he gave to our Infant Lord. He was the most blessed man to have for his spouse the Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord. His relationship was the most extraordinary of any holy man of the Old and New Testament as he totally loved his spouse, provided and protected Her, but he did not need the human intimacy with her because of their pure love for each other and for their God.

We can think of the blessed years, maybe 25 or so that St. Joseph watched the Child Jesus grow as a young boy then as a young man. St. Joseph had the blessing of going on pilgrimage to the Temple for the great Feast Days with Jesus. He prayed at his home with Mary and Jesus each day and he taught Jesus the life of labor as they worked together in the wood shop. If only we could know about the many things Joseph talked about with Jesus during these years of growing up. Possibly Joseph told all he knew about this life and maybe Jesus shared some truths about the life to come.

Finally St. Joseph would come to the end of his time of service for Mary and Joseph before Jesus began His public ministry and so his blessed life would begin to weaken and while finally on his death bed he had the greatest of all blessings, he had his spouse on his one side and his foster son on the other. Both would tell Joseph of their gratitude for all the good he did for them and for the Heavenly Father. With no pain or fear, St. Joseph closed his eyes and his soul went to the place of rest until the gates of heaven would open on Easter Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead.

This great Saint known as the Patron Saint for Priests and Seminarians, and of the Church. He is patron of husbands, and fathers, of family life and workers and he is the Patron Saint of the sick and the dying. It is a good thing to talk about this holy and righteous man as much as we can. What a great man in this world he was and what a super powerful intercessor he is in Heaven.

Great St. Joseph pray for us.

REMINDER – Three days of devotion will be prayed March 17, 18 & 19 at the end of the morning Liturgies with Feast Day Mass for St. Joseph on Wednesday, March 19 at 8:00 am.