Feast of all Souls

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

Feast of all the Saints –
Honoring the Righteous and the Just.
Feast of all Souls –
Praying for the Faithful Departed.

Where will we go after our life in this world? Keep this good question in mind.
If our soul is in good order as Jesus judges us at the very end of our life we can go to the heavenly banquet and join with Our Lord and all the Saints for eternity.
If our soul is in some difficulty and is not in good order then Jesus our judge could detain our soul in the place of purification for whatever length of time that is needed before we can finally enter our eternal home in heaven and be with the Holy Trinity and with all the Saints.
The good souls who do enter the place of Heaven become Saints. The souls who are Saints can never go away from God or Heaven and they have the privilege of praying for us. In fact this is so much their loving desire. All the people who are living in our world can pray to these souls who are Saints in Heaven and they will always take our prayers and needs to the throne of God for us. What a great help this is for us and we thank God for all the Saints.
The imperfect souls in the place of purgatory need us to pray for them and our prayers are so helpful. We call these the Poor Souls because they need help and cannot pray for themselves or for us.
Lastly there are the lost souls who are those who totally choose to turn away from God and refuse to turn back to Him no matter what. These lost souls go away to a place of eternal torment and no one can pray for them and nothing can change for them. The more these souls hate God the deeper they fall into the place called hell.
Before we enter Holy Lent we honor a special week to the Saints followed by a week to the Holy Souls. This week let us pray to all the Saints and ask them to help us in our many needs including the need to save our soul and become a Saint with them.
Next week we will pray for all the Poor Souls in Purgatory. We greatly desire to help these many, many souls to complete their journey and finally arrive to be in heaven with God.
With these good lessons in mind at this particular time when we are getting ready to enter Holy Lent let us do our best to follow all the instructions and practices that our Church gives us for the good of our life here and for the good of making our soul truly healthy and good for that moment it will be judged at the very end of our life. Lent is truly a valuable time for us.