Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Lord,

Our Blessed Lady predicted the day and the time of a
miracle in October.

The story of the apparitions of our Lady to 3
young shepherd children in Fatima Portugal in 1917 at
the time of the First World War were very serious, very
meaningful and very powerful for the entire world back
then and those apparitions and the messages our
Blessed Lady delivered are even much more so
important to us in our time, 2014, so close to 100 years

No one with a serious mind, no one blessed with
a good functioning brain can deny our Lady or Her
pleas for everyone to commit to a faithful devotion to
the Rosary. I insist on this because of the extraordinary
miracle performed by our Blessed Mother on October
13, 1917. On that day thousands and thousands of
witnesses saw and experienced what is called the
Miracle of the Sun which took place at 12:00 noon just
as our Lady predicted. This all came about for
everyone to believe and take serious the message given
to these young children.

The three poor children, named, Lucia dos
Santos age 10, two younger cousins, Francisco, and
Jacinta were the ones chosen to see our Blessed Mother
beginning in May of 1917 and receive the urgent
messages to pray for the end of war. The powerful
prayer our Lady asked for was the Rosary which needs
to be prayed every day. Some people believed them and
many, including church leaders did not fully believe at
first. Many asked for two things, what is the Lady’s
name and they wanted to see a sign in order to believe.
Our Lady told the children that on October 13 at 12:00
noon this request would be fulfilled.

Beginning on the night before the skies opened
and poured down rain for hours. Yet pilgrims came by
the thousands from everywhere to see what would
happen at 12:00 noon. The rain was very heavy and the
people were sinking into the mud up to their ankles.

At the very hour predicted, right at 12:00 noon,
the rain stopped, the clouds moved aside, the sun
appeared and then began to do a dance in the sky. At
one moment the sun detached itself and came toward
the earth. This was no fake thing. Thousands were
witnesses. The sun dried up all the rain. The very fields
became completely dry and all their clothes became dry
as well. In ordinary circumstances this would take lots
of time to dry the saturated clothes. As always only the
children could actually see and hear our Blessed Mother,
everyone else could only see lights. Then Our Lady
spoke to them to say “I am our Lady of the Rosary.”
She asked that everyone must pray and do penance.

Let us be totally attentive to this message and
this important visit of our Lady to our world. Let us
accept what she asks us to do and let’s do it. Let’s pray
each day and do the penance we need to do.