Family Rosary

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Lord,

Pray a Family Rosary together at least once each week.

What day is best for all your family to come together to pray the Rosary? Families need to get together and pray, maybe a Sunday evening is good, or on Tuesday or Wednesday or possibly a Saturday. Out of 7 days, one day could be good for the family to pray together. What do you think?

A very famous Priest by the name of Father Patrick Payton who was very devoted to the Gospel, to the Virgin Mary and Her Rosary, and to all the faithful made this catchy and very wise statement popular, ”The family that prays together, stays together.”

A very beautiful prayer book he composed for the Rosary is called the Rosary Prayer Book and it provides a variety of 36 different themes for each Rosary meditation. The first theme on his list is “Loving God”. Another theme used for the Glorious Mysteries is “Success”, and then you can find one theme for mediation on the Sorrowful Mysteries called “Christ’s Kindness in His Passion.” These themes are meaningful and instructional. These meditations help to deepen our understanding of the mystery and they work at deepening our faith in our Lord.

Actually any set of meditations for the Mysteries of the Rosary can be used and many are easy to find on the internet. In fact you can find the Rosary recorded in a very beautiful format that you can use with your Family Rosary if you like.

A good way to pray the Family Rosary together is to let the Dad start the Rosary Prayer and then also lead the first decade. Also the Family may wish to take a moment to say what intentions they have for this prayer before the Rosary Prayer begins. As the Family goes through each decade a different member could take a turn leading a decade. Even the very young ones who do know the prayers of the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be can take a turn. I think you will be surprised how quickly this prayer can go for you and when you are finished you may also be surprised at how good you feel for praying the Rosary as a family.

Let me share one of the Meditations from Father Paton’s “Rosary Prayer Book”. The theme for a set of the Joyful Mysteries is “Faith”.

THE NATIVITY – The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. “Colorless the cave certainly was, but signs and wonders filled all the sky around. Shepherds keeping a drowsy eye on their flocks were struck awake by the sudden society of an angel on fire with the glory of God.’ In the town of David, a Savior in a manger!’ That was heaven’s cue; across the clear sky, every star became a thousand angels, bright as suns, making melody for the Child in a cave. God had robbed the prince to pay the court; had surrounded the commonest Christmas Present with wrappings of gold.
Appearances do deceive. God in a manger is a far greater wonder than angels in the sky. Faith puts me in contact with reality.