Exultation of the Holy Cross

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Lord,

Your Cross O, Lord is the key to paradise
And unlocks its gates for us
That were closed by Adam’s sin.

What meaningful words these are from the hymn for the Feast Day Divine Liturgy for the Exultation of the Holy Cross. Can there really be anything more terrible than that? What could be worse than being the cause of the gates of Heaven be closed for such a long time?

And so for something that was so terrible and the cause of so much suffering for the entire human race, this then makes the Cross of our Lord, and His loving sacrifice on it all the more glorious and all the more worthy of our giving honor and love to Jesus and to His life giving Holy Cross with a holy feast day.

Next Sunday we come to the great feast called the Exultation of the Holy Cross. At the Mass we will have a special procession and bless the walls of our Church, we will bless water and at the end of Mass we will invite everyone to come forward to reverence the Holy Cross and receive a personal blessing.

After the actual Feast Day we will then observe the next six weeks as the Season of the Holy Cross and I wish to suggest that we make special opportunities to stop and look at the crucifix. Take some moments to see our Lord in His greatest act of love for us and then in return express from your heart your gratitude and your love for Him. It is such a good thing to make these acts of love all the time. And it is good when we can do this in front of a crucifix.

I take this time to strongly recommend that everyone have crucifixes throughout your homes especially near the main entrance. It is good to have a cross to wear or carry with you like on a rosary. It is the most good of all to have a practice of making the sign of the Cross many times a day. But, But, But do not be a sloppy maker of the Sign of the Cross. This act is truly a great act of faith and love for Jesus. Make the Sign of the Cross with care and with lots of reverence. May the last thing we ever do in this life before going home to our eternal dwelling is to make the Sign of the Cross with faith and love.

Next Sunday is a great feast day for us, I look forward to celebrating this with you. Until then may God bless you in the NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN.