Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,


When was the last time you went to confession?

Guess who asked this question recently?

Pope Francis about a week ago asked several thousand visitors at one of the midday visits to St. Peter’s “when was the last time you went to confession?” He went on to make it clear that it was not enough to only say to God I’m sorry and then think our sins are all forgiven. He was firm in saying that our personal sins, however small or big, always affects so many others including the church and so you must go to the Priest to make your confession and receive absolution. Someone reported that the lines for confession became very long.


I would like to add my question to our Holy Father’s question. I pray it brings lots of good results also. One of the most missing parts to our parish church is the absence of a confession line.


My question; am I the only one at Our Lady of the Cedars Church who needs to go to confession? I tell you that I go to this sacrament on a regular basis. On Saturday I hear very few confessions. As for me my best days are the days when I go to confession. I appreciate the Priests who hear my confession. I value the spiritual advice they give me. And I am grateful to God for the peace in my soul because of this wonderful sacrament. I cannot imagine going for weeks or months without making it to confession.


As we enter into Holy Lent at this time, along with encouraging all our Parishioners and all Catholics about going to confession, I want to go a little further and say to everyone make confession a regular habit. Everyone needs this good sacrament.


I have a gift to send to you in the mail. It is possible that you got it already. It is a pamphlet called How To Make A Good Confession. Please make good use of this gift.


Please, please, please, one hundred times I say please, do not be afraid or hesitate to come to me, your Pastor for a good confession and on a regular basis. Of course you can go where ever you are most at ease and you really can come here to me. First make a good examination of conscience then come to confession even on some regular basis.


Let me end with this final thought for you, it is a true story. When I was still a young priest I made a visit to my family in Wilkes-Barre. On this one particular visit, to my surprise, my Mom came to me and said, son would you hear my confession? It was really simple confession, but o wow, how great it was for me to absolve my beautiful Mom’s confession.