Bishop Elias

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

Bishop Elias is coming to visit us.

Let’s prepare well to welcome him.

The Bishop of our Eparchy (Diocese) is our Shepherd. This Parish Community is his Sheep. This August is a good time for all the Sheep to gather together with our Shepherd.

When Bishop Elias comes here he will gather us, teach us, lead us in prayer and at the Divine Liturgy. He will bless our families and our parish life, he will speak to us and he will carefully listen to us as well.

The person who is in the rank of Bishop in our Holy Catholic Church is a person who becomes a successor of the Apostles which means he is Ordained with the full authority to ordain men to the Holy Priesthood and to participate in the Ordination of new Bishops.

When the original 12 men, the Holy Apostles were with Jesus at the Last Supper in the Upper Room they were anointed as the Lord’s first successors. These Apostles were called and then commissioned to go out and build the Church with their full authority of making successors that would continue through all of time until now and then continue on until the Lord’s return at the end of time. As the Lord Jesus would be known as the Good Shepherd, loving and caring for all His Sheep, His Consecrated Bishop Successors would walk in His steps. A good Shepherd needs to lead and guard all the Sheep so that none would be lost. God bless all Bishops. God bless our Bishop Elias.

Most shepherds have their little flock of sheep in a certain region or area, our Bishop, like our Maronite Bishops before him in the United States have a very large territory of land to do this great task.

And so when our Bishop comes to be with us let us all come together to be with him in a most loving and welcoming way at the Church of Our Lady of the Cedars.

Bishop Elias will arrive on Friday, August 8 and he will follow our little schedule until Monday then prepare to go to the Shrine for the Annual Pilgrimage. Please set your schedules so we can be in a full attendance for the main banquet on Saturday evening and for the Pontifical Liturgy and Subdeacon Ordination on Sunday. I call all our youth to come for their special gathering with Bishop Elias on Saturday morning and the same for all our Altar Servers for their special day on Monday morning. A tentative schedule is already in the bulletin of last week. A final program is coming to you very soon.

I look forward to this first visit of our new Bishop to our Parish in August.