Bishop Elias Part 2

Beloved Parish Family In Jesus Our Risen Lord,

I anxiously look forward to our Bishop’s visit with us. I pray you and all our Parish Family will come to welcome him to our Parish on August 9,10,11, & 12.

Bishop Elias was appointed by Pope Francis to become the Bishop for our Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon. The actual date of his appointment was made on July 10, 2013 on the feast of the Blessed Massabki Brothers. Our Patriarch Bechara Peter Cardinal Rai Ordained him a Bishop on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at the Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harisa Lebanon.

He chose these words for his motto as Bishop “Thy will be done.” Everyone knows these words so well, we all say them each time we pray the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father. In a special way Bishop Elias and all of us need to take these words to heart and be faithful to always doing God’s will over our own will.

The Bishop has truly a unique role for all of us in our Parish and for all of us in our Eparchy. As our spiritual father he gathers us, all our clergy and all our laity and he leads us to be united together in Christ. Being united as one family in Christ is most beneficial for the good of our Parish, our Eparchy, and our Maronite Church in the one true Church. He truly is our Pastoral Father and Leader and we need to hear, listen to his voice and we need to follow him.

And so my message to you, to all our adult members to all our youth, to all our children, to all our members who serve in our various Parish Ministries, please make it your first duty to do all you can to come together for Bishop Elias’ first Pastoral visit.

At Bishop Elias’s Installation Mass at our Cathedral of St. Raymond in St. Louis, Missouri on October 23, 2017 he said these Fatherly words toward his conclusion:

“I pledge my love to you, each of you, clergy, religious and laity, children, youth, adult, and young at heart, men and women, present physically or spiritually. I love all of you and I commit to put my life at your service….”

For our Bishop’s first visit, let us give him a splendid welcome and let us take our turn to express to him our respect and love for him as he has done to all of us in his very first message to us.

Bishop Elias, welcome to our Parish of Our Lady of the Cedars of Mt. Lebanon. We love and we respect you.