A Solemn Procession

Beloved Parish Family In Christ Jesus Our Lord,

A solemn procession is not the same as a promenade.

In Church we have these certain feast days that encourage a special action where we walk in a solemn procession. In a solemn procession we pray, or we chant hymns or remain in silence as we move about.

A promenade is a leisure kind of walk in a public place for pleasure. During this time people can enjoy talking together and enjoy some delightful surroundings.
During Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday we enjoy this spiritual gesture of making solemn processions to honor the Lord and the final days leading to His Crucifixion and then to the Glorious Feast of His Resurrection.

On Palm Sunday we recall what Jesus did when He came into Jerusalem for His Last Passover. A very meaningful moment was when the children called out with great faith that He is Hosanna, He is the Son of David. At Mass I will give everyone a Blessed Palm to carry and I ask our youth to walk with me at the end of the procession line. We will try to go outside, weather permitting. During this time we will sing, pray or walk in total silence. Please cooperate and please avoid unnecessary conversation. Please keep this a special day to begin the Holy Week.

On Holy Thursday we will honor the work of our Lord for giving us the Holy Eucharist for our Communion. In this procession Father will carry the special vessel called the Monstrance which contains the Consecrated Host with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The servers and the 12 Apostles will participate in this solemn process which will be inside the church. Again it is very appropriate to sing or pray with us. There really needs to be no conversations at this time. Please give your full cooperation during this procession. This procession will end at the side altar. There will follow a time of exposition of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament until 12:00 midnight for your personal visit.

On Great Friday in the evening we will carry the statue of Our Lord taken off the Cross for His burial in the tomb. In this solemn procession we must recall the actual event and think of how our Blessed Mother endured Her deepest sadness. We must follow this procession with our prayers and our great silence. Also it is most acceptable that we keep a great silence at the very end of our prayer as well and actually leave church in silence. May I ask again that personal conversations be held back until you leave church.Then at the Easter Vigil Liturgy we have the great solemn procession of jubilation for the Risne Lord from the dead. This great moment at Mass invites us to chant and pray about the victory of our Lord’s greatest and most powerful miracle. Our rejoicing in the Lord does not allow us to be distracted by our personal conversations. Please stay attentive to the meaning of today’s great Feast Day.

Each day of the Holy Week has a special and different celebration in honor of Our Lord. Each day has its very special procession for us to participate in and each day I ask from you the same request. Your cooperation, your good participation and prayer each day will make the beautiful Holy Week very holy for everyone and it will give much praise to God. I thank you for your good cooperation.